No worries, neonman100. Par quelles mousses remplacer celle qui ont fondues. But the X series lack that certain presence. I guess I take the 202 on trips and to 'special' places that matter more in my head. Great to see that there are that many fans!! The X700 is somewhat more modern cheaply made plastic body with cloth curtain shutter. I posted this on the XE-7 group and thought it might be helpful to other here. I also had him refurbish an XD for me. Glad yours are doing well! If you are going to be using MD lenses, the X700 will allow "Program" mode to be used whereas the XD doesn't have that option, If you use a MC lens on the X700 Program won't work either. Minolta 35-70mm F3.5 MD Zoom I ended up buying the following (with my comments after some tests): Bon appareil, x700 avec les objectifs minolta est un moyen vers plus haut de gamme. On a final note, when I got the XDs I was a little concerned. really great ( I think). 98 months ago (permalink), OK, got my XD 11 (with Autowinder D) out and am going to use it this week with some fuji 200. Produit entre les années 1977 et 1982, il s’agit du premier reflex présentant un mode de priorité diaphragme (mode A) et un mode priorité vitesse (mode S). X500 sans hésiter, c'est le plus récent et le plus fiable des trois. 3-4 times the typical price for a nice X-700. Correze, Montel. However, the auto flashes for the XD7 do a good job if you're not looking to do anything too fancy, and the XD cameras do synch at 1/100 instead of the X-700's 1/60. Message Mar 02 Juil 2019 09:38, Utilisateurs parcourant ce forum : Aucun utilisateur inscrit et 0 invité. aussi pour x500. 40 months ago (permalink), I have been a bit slow off the mark with this one, but my thoughts are: Originally posted 100 months ago. (permalink) When I get one, I usually get the other too! (permalink), jean-jacquesplancton: settings to avoid maybe,when using the lens! (permalink) Can't say much about this one, I still have to figure out how to see if the viewfinder focus and film focus point are the same or if I need to adjust the mirror (and if I do, should I take the camera apart or just work on the mirror stopper in the mirror box? Consulter le sujet - Minoltat X700 I ne... Hello all! You guys are making this more and more difficult! The Minolta X-570 was released in April 1983, two years after the X-700 and was sold as a less expensive alternative to that award winning and very popular camera. One of the two or three XE series I bought DID work properly, and yes, there were some failures of XG and X cameras, too, even back in the 1990s, presumably before their capacitors started to go, but at that time I had no doubt that the X and XG were RELATIVELY reliable. £75.00. The great thing about Nikon pro and pro/am SLRs is their ubiquity,and the consequent fact that many repairers exist,even handling many of the early models. At the end of the day the the camera is the box on which you screw the lens - you need the most accurate meter, most accurate shutter and the most reliable of both. (permalink). (permalink), "Minofan" £3.10 postage. I happen to own some MD/SR lenses, but I don't have a body. (permalink). at approx. I just purcased a nice Minolta Maxxum 7000. £5.00 postage. 40 months ago Il y aussi le XG-M qui est très costaud. Originally posted 99 months ago. Commentaires sur le Minolta X500 et son systeme, objectifs MD et MC, entretien. TTL flash with Minolta PX flashes is a nice feature (the PX-360 flash is great and you can get one for about $50 on ebay). Honestly, i have an XD-11 (same as XD-7) and have had a few X-700 cameras, but would choose neither. 1x 50mm f1.7 Minolta 1x 100mm f2.5 Minolta 1x 135mm f2.8 Tokina 1x 300mm f4.5 Minolta MC 1x 600mm f8.0 Sigma 1x 17-28mm f4.0-4.5 Vivitar 1x 35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Minolta 1x 70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Tokina 1x Extension tube set 1x 50mm Macro 1:1 f3.5 Minolta 1x Auto132PX TTL strobe 1x Osram VS300 Studio strobe 1x SLIK PRO 500 DX tripod. 99 months ago Parmi les 91 références mises en vente par des vendeurs particuliers comme professionnels sur Rakuten, optez pour l'article Minolta X700 à prix bas le mieux noté par les autres acheteurs, ou encore celui qui vous fait bénéficier de la livraison gratuite. Originally posted 99 months ago. 100 months ago I really should shoot them more. 98 months ago These cameras are extremely reliable if you have a good one so spending a little more if you can is worth it. I have several of both and could go either way. You'll love it for several points: shutter sound, overall feeling, build quality, viewfinder etc. C'est très difficile de trouver aujourd’hui un SR-T 303 en parfait état de marche, tout peut lâcher de la cellule aux mousses du dos qui se délitent, etc, etc. I use products by all three-Nikon,Canon and Minolta-including a nice Minolta dedicated 35mm film scanner. Difference in use is not really important IMO, except that the XD7 is more silent. (permalink). "You should get a nikon (or canon), they are the best!!" 100 months ago I have the Minolta 280PX. sauveur.13. The one advantage the X-700/X-570 has over the XD7 is TTL flash. 99 months ago Originally posted 30 months ago. Which I don't think is a big deal, is the "missing program mode" of the XD7. Et je veux le faire en minolta J'hésite donc avec le X500, XD7 ou SRT 303. Thanks for all input in advance! I think we're on the same page. (permalink) And I agree. I've recently bought an XD from Japan and an XE-1. I haven't got an X700 but I have an X500 which is IMO a better camera for me I also have a couple of SRT101s one of which was my first SLR bought used in about 1978 and an SRT303b. But a great performer, light and reliable. I also have a Nikon film SLR (FM) and it is awesome. And as it has been mentioned before the X700 is the more reliable camera, but is plastic built and so on. " The XD7 is better - the X-700 is younger! " srT303: srTs are OLD. (permalink), If anyone has successfully fixed a jammed XD recently (or whenever), I'd love to hear from you as I have one with a mechanical jam, stuck with mirror down, but aperture lever on stop down; rewind button stuck in, and no hint of release either on O or any other setting. Ok super bon j'attends mon X500 avec minolta 50mm et 35mm. Recherchez minolta x500 d'occasion de la manière la plus simple. And this thread has me XE 7 shopping. X700: plastic fantastic at its best (but still better than my Konica FS1). 5 étoiles sur 5 (7) 7 avis. Message Mer 26 Juin 2019 18:39, #6 I noticed a nice XD-7 on eBay. (permalink), one42chrisp - you have made me JEALOUS!!!! (permalink), I shot regularly with Minolta film cameras in the late 1980's and 1990's. le zoom 35-70 3.5 est très bon. Both are nice camera's. Yes, the match-needle method might have an advantage when shooting toward the sun, but I can say (after many years of low-light shooting with SRT's) that the LED system is far better when the scene is very dark. Originally posted at 12:34AM, 29 September 2012 PST So which one do I really USE more? The Minolta X-500 (X-570 in the US) is an Aperture-Priority AE 35mm SLR film camera with a quartz-controlled horizontal-traverse focal-plane shutter capable of a speed range from 4 seconds to 1/1000 second, B. le 1,8/35 est difficile à rouver pas trop cher, si l'ouverture de 2,8 n'est pas rédhibitoire c'est un bon choix. (permalink) 98 months ago Difference in use is not really important IMO, except that the XD7 is more silent. The Leica had a few tricks over the Minoltas, but the silky-smooth feel was exactly the same! Bonnes affaires minolta x500 ! neonman100 edited this topic 99 months ago. BUT they are as good as the CONDITIONS in which you find them (the worse, the more your heart will bleed!). Acheter minolta x500 d'occasion. Disassembling the X700: For cleaning and repair, I … £175.00. 40 months ago I am not familiar (yet) with Minolta film cameras. (permalink). See The fancy filter kit will interchange between the two of them though. (permalink), I have both the regular and macro versions and they are great lenses. 100 months ago (permalink), I vote minolta xd-7. Can't comment on the XD7 which I have never used, however, I have 2 X-700's and am very happy with them. :-) This is where the XE-7 comes in: It has the same body/frame and CLC metering of the SRT Series cameras and the same shutter/winding as the XD Series - the BEST of my two favorite 35mm cameras. 61 months ago MINOLTA . (permalink). The srT303 I found is great BUT has dirt flying around the viewfinder that gets stuck to the meter needle (haven't got the time to open it and clean it, I just bang it with my hand :P). As I said before: for me using such a camera is about feeling (and of course the images produced by it) and I'm not able to gain such feeling by shooting it in program. It was called the X-500 in Europe in Asia. 99 months ago Performance is so close to a prime that you won't pick the difference in a handheld shot unless you are being super critical. Lequel me conseilleriez vous Le x500 me fais de l'oeil j'avoue. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The 35-70mm 1:3.5 is as good as a prime - pure excellence, probably better than any modern day zoom. The XD7 is better - the X-700 is younger! Get the 360px flash, a diffuser and a 50mm and you will be SET for flash photography at bars, picnics, bonfires, parties, etc It's the lens I usually reach for for its versatility and it is as sharp as the primes in my opinion. Pentaxian. laissé pour 59 €. Than it basically XD-7 selects both aperture and shutter speed. en outre : x370 en très bon état. Super simple procedure and the camera is working great now in the hands of a friend of mine. By the way: the XE has a perfect and acurate needle exposure readout! (permalink), @minolfan: thanks!! Créer un panoramique fabuleux à partir d'un simple compact. 100 months ago The XD7 was the more expensive one. Hmmmm. 6,95 EUR-20% selon la quantité achetée. I personally own both the XD7 and the X700, and both are great cameras. Originally posted 100 months ago. I do have some Dynax AF bodies and lenses. Here too the light seal/mirror bumper is recessed (mine doesn't need to be replaced though). Kindly note I do NOT refer to the macro,or f3.5-4.8 variable If you want a black body, the X700 will be the cheaper purchase. I thus much prefer the match needle system on some,but sadly not all, Nikons. 100 months ago Minolta motor drive pour x700 - x500 - x300 - x370. I owned an x700 for some time. Découvrez nos prix bas minolta x500 et bénéficiez en prime de 5% minimum remboursés sur votre achat. (permalink), I know that by now you probably made a choice but anyway, I'd recommend the XD-7 or even the XD-5 any day. Dave L2013 edited this topic 99 months ago. Maybe I'll go for that one..... Le Minolta XD7 a des noms différents en fonction de son pays d’accueil. Introduction au HDR. XG9: probably the best of the bunch for practical reasons: I got it so cheap that I'm not afraid of taking it with me in a rough ride. I dont want to talk about XK, and I dont like XE much. £150.00. I just spent the day at the ski jump with my Sony a350 and an X700 with a Motor drive and bunch of ektar. Oh: and I use them, not admire them in a cabinet! Minolta X700 X300 XD HandMade Camera protection Cowhide cuir sac en cuir Fait pour commander tout nouveau half case artisanal HandCrafterJunior. I though the shutter had problems. Choose the aperture or shutter priority or - even better - manual when shooting those old babies. Good cameras all the same, but from an aesthetic the X series has nothing over the older cameras. They do turn up from time to time, often as part of a camera / lens combo. As always Minolta introduced a simpler '5-line' besides their advanced '7-line' in 1983. I also second getting a camera that has been refurbished and comes with some warranty period - you'll pay almost as much on ebay for something that probably hasn't ever been serviced in its 35-40 year life and even if you could return a problem camera, you'd lose shipping costs each way and have nothing to show for it. également pour x300. I got so hooked on Minolta that i now have them all! The X-570 was considered to be a “step down” camera to Minolta’s top of the line X-700, even though it offered several improvements to the viewfinder over the X-700. The original manual was also included. (MY favorite is my SRT 202) The 202 is like a fine old double-barreled English elephant rifle. I also have several SRT Series cameras and really like the size of the body and match-needle, CLC metering. Minolta X-500. Restez à jour par RSS. I have a XE-7, fantastic camera! 98 months ago Time Share edited this topic 100 months ago. et fonctionnel. Message Mar 25 Juin 2019 07:12, #2 It looks perfect. Message Jeu 27 Juin 2019 17:42, #8 I've been sort of looking to replace my X-700. Such an old thread, at that time i did not have a Minolta manual focus body, only the AF ones. X700 vs X500, I will choose X700 because I can adjust EV without pressing AE lock. Livraison gratuite. 99 months ago I need to know how to change & use f... Hi everybody ! mikegillard edited this topic 30 months ago. 31 months ago Vendu à 59 € Moteur minolta : motor drive 1 compatible avec les minolta x700. But I suspect most folks would prefer one of the others discussed here. realize it will not match the standard of a prime Minolta lens,but If the LEDs come on in the viewfinder when you wind on but go out when the shutter button is depressed (but the shutter doesn't work) then it is a good indicator of bad capacitors. X-700 Duracell 3V Pile photo Lithium (Pack de 1) 1 Reviews. Hello all! what minolta cameras and lenses do you use. By reputation,I would agree,as I only have the X-700 sadly - BUT there are two problems re the XD - 7 I would say,rarity and price! I think that is because I have more time to think, compse and fiddle around on vacation and trips. 40 months ago I have two X700s I bought used 5 years ago that were from the early 1980s that I got cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted (CLA'd) and have had no problems at all. 9 months ago Vintage et solide , je n'ai pas encore trouvé son remplaçant en reflex numérique. (permalink), Its amazing how long this thread has been around for. (permalink) Souvenirazzo . (well, almost that is!) Minolta Alpha 9 AF button - am I doing something wrong? et aussi : x370 en très bon état. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de minolta x700. Don't expect to find them in pristine conditions UNLESS they have been serviced recently. It really feels and functions perfect! La maladie des X c'est le condenseur dans la semelle qui bloque l'armement mais cela se réparer facilement, il y plein de tutos sur le net. Acquérir un kit de mousses neuves auprès de Jon Goodman qui vend ses kit sur Ebay sous le nom de vendeur Interslice. The former lacks "Program" mode, but I don't use that anyway, and (more unfortunately) it lacks the EV compensation adjustment. 27 months ago That's more expensive than other X-700's on offer on ebay, but at least you can be assured that the one he sells you will work (I've bought two from him). Message Mer 26 Juin 2019 13:44, #5 La photographie argentique et l'appareil photo argentique. Trouvez Minolta X700 dans Appareils photo et caméras | Achetez et vendez un appareil photo ou caméra à Québec : digital, SLR, caméra imperméable, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, objectifs et plus sur Kijiji Canada. (permalink), If it comes to feeling, which is in my opinion a vast point, when choosing one of those old cameras, I'd suggest the XD7 (XD11 in America) to you. Pour la petite histoire, ce boitier et notamment son obturateur serviront de base pour les Leica R4, R5 et R6. The 200x is the equivilent of your 280PX, is a bit simpler to use and is usually fairly cheap, but it lacks bounce capability. (permalink), Both take good pictures when using just about ANY Rokkor lens! Salut les amis, me revoilà sous un autre compte (nuss_pixart) car impossible de me reconnecter et jamais eu de réponse des admin). essaie le site MINOLTA MANUEL, tu trouveras tous les boitiers et optiques. If you click it, you'll go home. ben ça alors, un fil sur le X500 au moment où je ressors aussi le mien, Super bon j'ai bientôt un x500 dans ma besace. How Common is the Aperture Problem in the maxxum/dynax/alpha 7? convient aussi pour x500. But if you're able to get a XD7 in good condition - take it. (permalink), I got to play with a Leica R-6 one time in a store (If I only had the money), and hearing how those cameras were based on Minolta MD series camera bodies, I started looking at an XD-11. But without the later common program shift wheel, the X-700 in P mode is no more than a point-and-shoot. But the X-570 viewfinder readout is more useful in fully manual exposure mode than is the viewfinder in the X-700. william.olive edited this topic 100 months ago. But they are beauties, well built and substantial. René Maly edited this topic 100 months ago. The one that's for sale comes without flash, but it has a data back! ... inspired by maxxum's through list, i decided to start a thread here. Minolta X-700 SLR Film Camera MPS & Rokkor 50mm F/1.7 Lens . There is an f stop tab that tells the camera that the apeature is stopped all the way down. Built to last - yes. 100 months ago The X-700 (and the X-570 that I prefer) is still a great camera. (permalink), Why XD7/X-700? 99 months ago le x300 est bien pour débuter. XD-7 has a basic programmed AE mode with MD lenses called GREEN TO GO. All good and nice. Many thanks! The best choice in my opinion is the X-700. Originally posted 100 months ago. Free postage. Please don`t think I`m decrying manual Minolta SLRs,for I would not have two if I thought there was something amiss with them-and lets face it,Minolta did pioneer many advances in SLR design. si tu veux un meilleur boitier essaie le x500 ou x570. 98 months ago Dernière édition par Nuss996 le Mar 25 Juin 2019 08:58, édité 1 fois. Vendu à 59 € Moteur minolta : motor drive 1 compatible avec les minolta x700. Nikon D7000 - Nikon F-801S Sony A5000 - Minolta X500 - Minolta D500si Polaroid(s) Haut. Slick, elegant and, lucky me, in pristine condition! The capacitor in the X500 expired just after I bought it but I replaced it easily, one advantage of the 500 over the 700 is that there's only one capacitor easily accessed by taking off the bottom cover. X series can use MD1, that's very good. convient aussi pour x300. Since I already have the lenses for it (came with a lot), I started thinking about a Minolta too. 40 months ago I've fixed a couple of my Minolta X-3... Hello everyone, I posted this in a few groups hoping to up my chances of a reply... there seem to be a lot of digital phtotos in this group. This is the first version of the MD 50mm f1.4 with the 55mm filter thread. So: I checked local used sales on the net, and 2 bodies came up: the XD7 and the X700. It's so... velvety! Click & Collect. I'd like to buy one too, but i'm not using the cameras i have..... For fully manual, I recommend X500/X570. The XE-1 is the best camera that Minolta ever made (perhaps with the exception of the Dynax 9 but I have never used that camera). 100 months ago There are already 20 SLR's in our livingroom, but no classic Minolta. Catégories. I much preferred the XD series to the XG/X cameras for feel/design/technology, shutter sound etc etc and all the reasons knowledgeable posters have given above. I just ordered an XE-7 this afternoon thanks to this thread :-) You select 125 exp. Just beware that this feature can cause issues (long story short: more mechanical parts involved) that you won't have with a feels-like-shooting-a-rifle srT, for example. And in very low light the automation of the X Series lends more confidence. The same as I used my x700 for. This system is probably even clearer under those conditions. for more extended descriptions. Loved the camera and the image quality from it. No better way to get the job done in style. 99 months ago The four or five times I bought one, even if the metering seemed to work well, the shutter timing didn't. 99 months ago Does this one need any specific flashes, or will anything do? As I am an "I want them all" kind of guy, I went the cheap way (buy for less and DIY repair after). (permalink), :-) Lol (permalink) Location: Reigate, Surrey. The XD7 has the great Leica/Minolta/Copal metal shutter. Sold as the X-500 in Europe and Asia, and the X-570 in the US market, it never gained the popularity of the X-700 and is still under-rated by many. The problem was that I NEVER managed to buy one that worked properly. If you will be doing flash photography and are willing to find a PX-series minolta flash, the X-700 has some advantages. Tres bon appareil, appaeil assez complet, j'aime beaucoup le minolta . Minolta X500 Headaches... PF Black Friday Donation Special Now Live | Win a Pentax K-70 - Enter our raffle daily in November! The XD7 has the great Leica/Minolta/Copal metal shutter. Minolta motor drive pour x700 - x500 - x300 - x370. The X-700 for sure. Way better quality and almost all metal compared to the X700. 99 months ago I was considering buying one to use on my Minolta X-700. outfit for some of my film shooting - certainly in the short term,as currently I only have the standard neonman100 edited this topic 99 months ago. I have one permanently attached to my XD7, it's just that bit more versatile then the 'fifty'. Just 2 new batteries, and everything just works the way it should! Minolta X-700 X700 X 700 MPS: High-tech Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. The best cameras ever made for the MD-lenses. (permalink), That is funny! bonnes photos. For now, I have a slight preference for the XD7. XE's are similar to the XK pro cameras without the interchangeable viewfinders (and a couple of other small changes). La pignonerie d'armement du Minolta X700 (mais c'est valable aussi pour le X500 et le X300) peux se dérégler avec le temps et amener à diverses troubles. But actually doesn't! (permalink), At this point in time I'd say pic whichever one is in better condition or has been recently cleaned, lubed, and adjusted (CLA'd) Originally posted 99 months ago. Minolta X-500 X-300 X-700 XG-M foam change. Both are stunning good lenses, not much less then primes. MINOLTA - X700 (Mode d'emploi) Manuel utilisateur MINOLTA X700 - Cette notice d'utilisation originale (ou mode d'emploi ou manuel utilisateur) contient toutes les instructions nécessaires à l'utilisation de l'appareil. (permalink). #1 98 months ago ... ). Une question, un retour d'expérience ou une simple remarque sur les boitiers argentiques Minolta, postez ici. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. Message Mar 25 Juin 2019 07:42, #3 I will read a bit more about the different options end of the week, ehen there's more time again! I'm reluctant to use it as it's... irreplaceable! (permalink), René Maly: Click & Collect. 84 months ago

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